About Paraplegics Centre

Smt. Kamla Raheja Rehabilitation Centre for Paraplegics

The centre traces its beginnings to the Society for The Rehabilitation of Paraplegics, which was established in 1968. The Society was set up to rehabilitate patients who, due to injury or disease of the spinal cord, were paralysed from the waist downward. Its beneficiaries belonged to the lower socio-economic strata, and typically lacked the economic means and support system to cope with their disability.

The Society was founded by Dr KS Masalawala as a 10-bed unit at the Orthopaedic department of JJ Hospital, Mumbai. To meet the growing need to rehabilitate underprivileged patients from government and municipal hospitals, Sharan’s Smt. Kamla Raheja Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1987 at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

The centre’s foundation plaque was unveiled on October 11, 1980 by then Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi – at Raj Bhavan. The project was inaugurated by the Governor of Maharashtra – Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma – on October 12, 1986.

The society has successfully rehabilitated 850 paraplegics since 1968, at no cost to the patient.

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