Sharan’s complete rehabilitation programme is provided totally free of cost to patients. The centre has four wards, which can accommodate 40 patients at a time. Also, the patients have access to a barrier-free environment of international standards.

Rehabilitation Programmes

The centre undertakes various rehabilitation programmes to help patients increase their independence and facilitate their inclusion in society. Upon completing these programmes, patients may return to their families as more self-sufficient, productive members.

Residents undergo skills assessment, on the basis of which tailor-made rehabilitation programmes are devised.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Physical Rehabilitation Programmes

These are aimed at helping patients achieve mobility and independence in their daily activities. This includes skincare training, bladder and bowel care, grooming, transfer and other mobility within the house, and the use of public transport. Patients are provided exercise routines in consultation with a team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists. This programme involves daily sessions and is attended by all residents.

The MGM School of Physiotherapy provides this service free of cost. The centre also provides equipment such as wheelchairs, callipers, tricycles and crutches.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Psychological Rehabilitation

The sudden onset of disability and associated issues pertaining to bladder and bowel incontinence, sensory loss and inability to perform daily activities, tends to cause significant mental and emotional trauma to patients and their family members. Counselling is provided to help cope with the disability, and to prevent depression in patients and their family members. Counselling also helps patients address sexuality issues and improves their self-confidence. All these are developed with the aim of facilitating their inclusion into mainstream society as productive members.

Social Rehabilitation

The centre assists residents in obtaining disability certificates from the District Civil Surgeon. Residents also receive guidance on availing financial assistance from the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Maharashtra, for home modifications, travel concessions, and educational and livelihood assistance programmes.

Medical Checkup

The centre provides prompt and ready access to medical facilities, and has associations with the NMMC hospital and Sai Prem Dispensary for regular check-ups and free medical treatment. Besides this, the centre is affiliated with MGM’S New Bombay Hospital, Vashi.

Balanced Diet

The paraplegics are provided a special diet in consultation with a dietician, based on their unique nutritional requirements. Special menus are prepared for festivals, and Chinese and continental cuisine is also provided.

Educational Facility

Spoken English Classes

Volunteer-led English classes are provided to residents (many of whom hail from rural backgrounds) to help them gain access to wider employment options.


The MSCIT course is conducted by Vashi-based Brilliant Computer Classes, for residents who have passed their SSC examinations.

Tailoring Course

Semi-educated or illiterate residents are trained in tailoring work. Residents who can read and write are taught theory, while those who have had no schooling are taught practical skills. Sewing machines are generously donated by Sharan’s benefactors. The centre also provides a fashion designing course, which is managed by Usha International.

Decorative article-making

Sharan’s residents are taught to make decorative articles such as candles, quilled earrings, glass paintings, cards from recycled materials, bookmarks, pouches, rakhis and paper bags. These articles are displayed and sold through stalls in schools, colleges and corporate offices. The revenue is shared with the residents as an incentive to continue learning and honing their craft.

Cleaning materials-making

Short-term courses for making phenyl and liquid soap are conducted. These products are sold through stalls and also used at the centre. The revenue is shared as incentive with the residents. Participants are also trained in packing, labelling, pricing, selling and dealing with the customers. They are taught to maintain records of daily work and sales.

Livelihood Training
Livelihood Training Livelihood Training Livelihood Training
Job Placement

NMMT Job Work

The centre accepts work orders from the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport Corporation, for various types of seat cover repairing including Volvo seats.

Job Placement

Job placement interviews were conducted at Sharan by Euro Able, a project by Eureka Forbes. Four residents were placed through this initiative. Residents trained in NMMT seat repair will find employment with NMMT.

Two of the inmates are placed at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Limited, Airoli. Due to high level of accuracy in performance, one of them got promotion and higher perks.

Awareness Programme

Support Group Meetings

Support group meetings are organized once every two months. The group discusses various issues related to rehabilitation, in consultation with experts from different fields.

Awareness Programmes

The institute conducts Awareness Programmes at schools and colleges in Vashi. This has helped in raising awareness about paraplegia in the youth.

Students visit

Students from reputed Medical colleges and Social Work Training Institute visit the centre periodically.

Other Facilities

The centre can accommodate 40 individuals at a time and offers:

  • Four spacious well-ventilated wards
  • Separate Physiotherapy ward
  • Separate Vocational Training ward
  • Spacious dining hall
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Hygienic, wheelchair-accessible washrooms for men and women
  • Manually-operated Fowler’s bed
  • Orthopaedic foam mattresses to prevent pressure sores
  • Bedside lockers and cupboards to store patients’ belongings
  • Fully operational diesel generator back-up in times of power failures
  • Flat-screen LED TVs in the dining hall and ladies ward.
  • 24 x 7 Wi-fi services to the inmates.
  • The Centre helps everyone to register for UDID card.

Special consideration is given to the safety of residents. Fire-fighting equipment is periodically updated and emergency evacuation training is given to the staff.

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