Rules and Regulations

  • The centre is for the rehabilitation of paraplegics, i.e. individuals permanently paralysed from the waist and below.
  • Men and women of any caste and creed, between the age of 18 to 40, are eligible for admission
  • The individual should be of sound mind.
  • The individual should not be suffering from major medical complications, such as deep bedsores and bladder stones.
  • Individuals may reside at the centre for 18 months. Further stay may be sanctioned by the social worker/administrator, if found necessary.
  • The centre will provide accommodation, food, medicines, physiotherapy, counselling and vocational training.
  • Every resident is expected to participate in the centre’s activities.
  • The centre cannot provide permanent accommodation; it is only a training centre.
  • The centre is not responsible for post-rehabilitation accommodation for the residents.
  • During their stay, residents must follow strict personal discipline and must cooperate with other residents and staff to ensure smooth functioning.
  • The resident may leave the centre’s premises at their own risk upon obtaining a written request signed by the Social Worker or Administrator.
  • The parent/guardian/spouse of the resident must submit a written request and must accompany the resident if he/she is travelling out of Vashi.
  • The parent/guardian/spouse of the resident must attend family interaction sessions organised by the Social Worker.
  • A written undertaking must be submitted by the parent/guardian/spouse of the resident to authorize the Social Worker/Administrator to transfer the inmate immediately to the hospital, in case of any medical emergencies and to sign hospital papers on behalf of them.
  • The centre is responsible for transferring the resident to the hospital in case of emergencies. Further care must be provided by the parent/guardian/spouse of the resident.
  • The centre will provide mobility aids and appliances, as per the availability of donations.
  • The parent/guardian/spouse of the resident must submit relevant documents such as passport size photos, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Income Certificate and Proof of Age, as required by the centre.
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, paan, cigarettes, bidi or any drugs within the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The centre is not responsible for any thefts of money, personal belongings and any valuables.
  • Visiting hours are from 10.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. on all days.
  • The parent/guardian/spouse of the resident or the authorized representative should receive the resident once he/she has completed rehabilitation and is discharged by the centre.
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